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The NetDaemon API

The netdaemon API is used to access Home Assistant features. The version 2 (current) is based on System.Reactive API. V1 of the API will be eventually deprecated and async features will be moved into V2. New users should always use V2. The internals of the V2 API is using async/await but for the user the async implementation is event based to fit the System.Reactive modell better. For users of the V1, remove all async code when migrating!


System.Reactive contains scheduling. We strongly suggesst using the built-in to make sure errors are logged and your automations works as expected.

Migrating to V2 from V1#

Add new reference to your dev project file#

Do a dotnet add package System.Reactive on the daemonapp.csproj (if you are not using the dev template your project is named differently). Refresh the JoySoftware.NetDaemon.App and JoySoftware.NetDaemon.DaemonRunner to the latest versions.

New base class and imports#

Make sure you are using System and System.Reactive.Linq. Also change to the NetDaemon.Common.Reactive. Now you will not need async initializer anymore so use public override void Initialize(). Forgetting to use new Initialize can introduce old async code bugs.

Change the baseclass to NetDaemonRxApp.

using System;
using System.Reactive.Linq;
using NetDaemon.Common.Reactive;
public class HouseStateManager : NetDaemonRxApp
public override void Initialize()