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Call a service

One of the most important features is to call services in Home Assistant. Call service takes three parameters, the domain of the service, the service to call and custom data provided. The custom data is a anonymous type that should have same structure as expected input data. Remember to provide the entity_idof these services that require it.

Example of Call Service commands#

// Same as Entity("light.mylight").TurnOn();
CallService("light", "turn_on", new {entity_id="light.mylight"});
// Call the notify discord service
CallService("notify", "hass_discord", new
message = "Hello to discord!",
target = "5114378315684746008"
// Use persistent notification service
CallService("persistent_notification", "create", new
title = "A message has arrived",
message = "Cool message from NetDaemon!"
// Change input selected value
CallService("input_select", "select_option",
new { entity_id = "input_select.my_select", option = "selected" });