State management

State changes

The fluent API lets you easily subscribe to state changes.

Let´s start with a very basic example. If the motion sensors state turns to "on", turn on the light.light1 light. Here we do not use ExecuteAsync since the setup is a synchronous function (Execute). The WhenStateChange method makes sure we subscribe to the specific state changes from anything to state "on".

Entity("binary_sensor.my_motion_sensor").WhenStateChange(to: "on").UseEntity("light.light1").TurnOn().Execute();

If the from state is important then use it like:

Entity("binary_sensor.my_motion_sensor").WhenStateChange(from: "off", to:"on").UseEntity("light.light1").TurnOn().Execute();

You can also use lambda expressions to select state changes:

Entity("binary_sensor.my_motion_sensor").WhenStateChange((toState, fromState) => toState?.State == "on").UseEntity("light.light1").TurnOn().Execute();

Or even more advanced example. You can use any combination of state and attributes or even external methods i lambda expressions. Here is an example: When sun elevation below 3.0 and not rising and old state elevation is above 3.0 then we should turn on light.

.WhenStateChange((n, o) =>
n?.Attribute?.elevation <= 3.0 &&
n?.Attribute?.rising == false &&
o?.Attribute?.elevation > 3.0).UseEntity("light.light1").TurnOn().Execute();

if you rather call a function when a state changes you can use Func<> for that like the example below.

Entity("binary_sensor.my_motion_sensor").WhenStateChange(to: "on").Call(async (entityId, newState, oldState) =>
await Entity("light.light1").TurnOn().ExecuteAsync();

If you prefer to call a method you can use following syntax:

Entity("binary_sensor.my_motion_sensor").WhenStateChange(to: "on").Call(MyMotionSensorStateChange).Execute();

And the method for state changes looks like:

private async Task MyMotionSensorStateChange(string entityId, EntityState? newState, EntityState? oldState)
await Entity("light.light1").TurnOn().ExecuteAsync();

Using Areas

NetDaemon does match the area where the entity´s device is configured. This means it is very easy to do selections on what area that matches.

All binary sensors (PIRS) in the kitchen turn on the light:

Entities(n => n.Area == "kitchen" && n.EntityId.StartsWith("binary_sensor."))

Or use it directly to turn on all lights in the kitchen area:

Entities(n => n.Area == "kitchen" && n.EntityId.StartsWith("light.")).TurnOn().ExecuteAsync();

You can also use it for selecting the entities to do action on. When pir is on, turn on all lights in the kitchen area:

.UseEntities(n => n.Area == "livingroom" && n.EntityId.StartsWith("light."))