This is the application daemon project for Home Assistant. This project makes it possible to make automatons using the .NET Core (3.1) framework. The API uses the new nullable types and C# 8.0. Please make your self familiar with these concepts.

Why a new application daemon for Home Assistant? There already exists one!? The existing appdaemon is a great software and are using python as language and ecosystem. This is for people who loves to code in the .NET core ecosystem and c#. The daemon will be supported by all supported platforms of .NET core.

Two versions of the API

There are currently two versions of the API. Please use the V2 for new projects cause this is to the be default. Version 1 will be deprecated eventually and it´s async features will be migrated into V2. All old V1 is under the V1 docs.

Expect things to change


This is project is in pre-release stage and API:s can change until release. The project is moving towards first beta where the API:s will be more stable. Please use and contribute ideas for improvement or better yet pull requests.

Only tested on amd64 based architectures like PC or NUC and Raspberry PI 3. Probably works on other architectures too. Will update the docs when I get confirmations from other platforms.

The daemon is currently only distributed through Hassio add-on but a docker container and instruction to run locally will be provided in time.

Please see the getting started documentation for setup.


You need to restart the add-on every time you change a file. C# needs to compile the changes.


If you have issues or suggestions of improvements, please add an issue

Discuss the NetDaemon

Please join the Discord server to get support or if you want to contribute and help others.

Async model

The application daemon are built entirely on the async model of .NET. Version one of the API required some knowledge of async/await/Tasks to use it properly. The current version use async with events internally and does not consern the user with async details.