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Getting started V2

What do I need to get started?

Here is what you will need to start developing apps to automate your home with NetDaemon:

  • The hostname/ip-address and port of your Home Assistant instance
  • Have git installed to get the development template
  • Create an access token to use for authorization. The long lived access token is created under your profile in the Home Assistant GUI. Make sure the user account for this access token has Administrator privileges in Home Assistant
  • Have a .NET development environment. You can edit .cs files in any tool, but using a development environment is recommended

Now you have all you need to develop an app, lets just do that by moving to App development.

What version do I want to use?

NetDaemon has two versions of the runtime. Through this documentation the differences between the versions will be pointed out.

NetDaemon 2

Version 2 is the current released and supports the two API:s HassModel (dependency injected) and baseclass. Apps using the baseclass is deprecated and we strongly recommend users to use HassModel as base.

NetDaemon 3

Version 3 is a new runtime developed from the start with an architecture built on top of dependency injection. This model only supports HassModel API for automations. This is still en beta and are more likely to have API changes. The NetDaemon V3 has breaking changes fro V2. It uses different namespaces and the configuration using yaml is redesigned using dependecy injection.