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NetDaemon Version 3

NetDaemon provides the capability to write home automations for Home Assistant in C#. Version 3 is a rewrite of current V2 runtime. We decided to introduce some breaking changes. The reason is we wanted to make the product long-term good experience for both users and contributor. We beleive this design will accomplish this goal.

About NetDaemon version 3

This version is in beta state and is under development. It is stable but it could be breaking. It will be nuget version >= 22.2.x and uses the docker image netdaemon/netdaemon3. Only supported automation API in NetDaemon 3 is using HassModel i.e. injecting the IHaContext not the base class NetDaemonRxApp

Migrating from version 2

If you are a current user of version 2 of NetDaemon runtime please see migrating from version 2 runtime


We are still adding a lot of features so expect things to change.

The daemon core runtime is distributed as a Home Assistant add-on or as docker container. You can as an alternative deploy your own instance using the template project. Please see the getting started documentation for setup.


Please note that you need to restart the add-on every time you change a file. C# needs to compile the changes.


If you have issues or suggestions of improvements, please add an issue

Discuss the NetDaemon

Please join the Discord server to get support or if you want to contribute and help others.

If you prefer discussing using github discussions your are welcome to post questions and feature requests there. Bugs are reported as issues.