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Moving from NetDaemon version 3

This documentation how to move to current .NET 7 based NetDaemon runtime v3.x to .NET 8 based NetDaemon runtime 4. This change is pretty small and mostly should be quite compatible with your existing applications.

Development environment


Before the .NET 8 based version 4 of the NetDaemon runtime is released it will be in alpha testing phase. This means that the docker image will only be accessed with the alpha tag, ie netdaemon4:alpha. The nuget packages will be in prelrelease in the form of yyyy.ww.n-alpha. The add-on will be a special pre-release version too.

This note will be removed when the V4 is released!

The following changes have to be executed in order to develop your apps for NetDaemon 4 and .NET 8.

1. Update your nuget packages

In this release we decided to change naming of NetDaemon nuget packages. The names are basically the same but without the JoySoftware. We have good reasons for this and hope this little inconveniece of renaming the references will be ok.

  1. In all .net projectfilel *.csproj, rename all nuget references that starts with JoySoftware.NetDaemon to NetDaemon. For users that uses the source deploy option you will have to add theNetDaemon.AppModel.SourceDeployedApps package!
  2. Change the target framework to 8.0
  3. Update Microsoft .NET files to .NET 8 versions

2. Update docker containers and add-ons

The docker container, change the name from netdaemon3 to netdaemon4. All other settings are the same.

If you are using the addon write down the current settings in your current 3.x based addon and install the version 4 version and update settings as needed. In version 4 the default path had changed from config/netdaemon3 to config/netdaemon4

3. Update the code generator

As some of the namespaces have changed you should update your locally installed version of the Code generator by running the following command:

dotnet tool install -g NetDaemon.HassModel.CodeGen

You may need to uninstall the old code generator by using the dotnet tool uninstall -g JoySoftware.NetDaemon.HassModel.CodeGen command. Since we have changed the namespace there will be conflicting tool command names.

...and then re-run the generator to create an updated version of HomeAssistantGenerated.cs

4. Update the CLI tool

As some of the namespaces have changed you should first uninstall the cli tool by dotnet new uninstall JoySoftware.NetDaemon.Templates.Project and then install the new too by

dotnet new --install NetDaemon.Templates.Project