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Development workflow

Development workflow

Test individual applications in development environment

Over time a single NetDaemon solution might contain a large number of applications. While you are working on one NetDaemon app in your development environment you might not want to run all the NetDaemon applications each time you run it for testing or debugging.

You can do this by applying the [Focus] Attribute to the app class(es) you want to test. If one or more apps have this attribute set NetDaemon will only launch these applications and ignore all others.

public class HelloWorldApp
public HelloWorldApp(IHaContext ha)
// I am the only app started

This will only apply to the Development environment. In all other environments this attribute is ignored. To set the environment to Development while debugging make sure the environment variable DOTNET_ENVIRONMENT or ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT is set to Development in the project or startup settings of your IDE.

Additional information on development environment settings

This Microsoft article gives more detail on how the application can be configured for a Development or non-Development environment.

If you find that the NetDaemon apps that you have deployed to your Home Assistant system are running in Development mode (because, for example, the [Focus] attribute is being enforced in production) then check if the DOTNET_ENVIRONMENT or ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT variables are being set.


A cause of this can be if you've deployed the Properties/launchSettings.json file to Home Assistant: this file should not be deployed into production.