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This is the developer docs for NetDaemon project. If you are looking for documentation how to make apps to control your home, please see the docs here.

In the developer pages you find useful information if you want to start contributing to NetDaemon project.

Thank you for considering contributing to this projects. This is most welcome!

Get things going‚Äč

  1. Fork and clone your copy of the net-daemon/netdaemon project
  2. Get it up and running and debugging in your prefered development environment. VSCode, Visual Studio and JetBrains Rider are supported for now. Please see specific docs for each of the development tools
  3. Make sure you write tests. If you want to do a big design change, make Issue and describe your suggestion and ping the discord group to get the discussions going.
  4. Write tests that covers your added featureset or change the existing tests as needed. Do not exclude failing tests!
  5. Make PR and it will get reviewed and merged if tests is ok