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Callback services

From NetDaemon you can register services in Home Assistant and get a callback whenever this service is triggered. For example by an automation or script that runs inside Home Assistant

This feature requires you to install the NetDaemon integration and use the NetDaemon.HassModel.Integration nuget package:

PM> Install-Package NetDaemon.HassModel.Integration 

Then all you have to do is call the RegisterServiceCallBack() extension method on the IHaContext and pass a name for the service and a callback.

e => _logger.LogInformation("Service called action: {Action} value: {value}", e?.action, e?.value));

// ...
record ServiceData(string? action, int value);

The T parameter specifies the type that is used to deserialize the arguments from the service call. It will be passed to the callback delegate with the deserialized data.

To test the service, run an app with this code and then go to the developer tools in your Home Assistant, and post the folowing YAML:

service: netdaemon.callback_demo
action: heat
value: 22

This will then trigger the callback inside the NetDaemon app.