Unit testing

Unit testing in NetDaemon#

NetDaemon provides fakes and mocks to unit test your automations. This is currently in pre-release so expect the API to be finilized until stable Unit test samples are provided as a part of the official app development template on github

NetDaemon nuget package for tests#

All the funktionality is provided by the JoySoftware.NetDaemon.Fakes component.

Baseclass for tests#

The test class should inherit the RxAppMock class.

using NetDaemon.Daemon.Fakes;
using Xunit;
using HelloWorld;
/// <summary>
/// Tests the apps
/// </summary>
public class AppTests : RxAppMock

Basics of writing tests#

The fakes are running the NetDaemon core logic in the background as async messages. This is why the tests needs to be in async to ensure proper operation.

As an example we want to test the automation below:

.Where(e => e.New?.State == "on")
e =>

Then we make the following test method The daemon fake needs to be initialized and ran in specific order for the unit test to work like in the example below:

public async Task WhenMyPirIsActivatedThenMyLightShouldTurnOn()
// 1. Instance the app, preferable you make new class for implementation
// and initialize it
HelloWorldImplementation app = new(Object);
// 3. Trigger a change event to simulate update in state
TriggerStateChange("binary_sensor.mypir", "off", "on");
// 3. Use the built-in verify functions to verify actions