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VS Code

For Visual Studio Code the recommenced way is to use the devcontainer to edit and debug NetDaemon core projects.

VSCode devcontainer#

Fork and clone your net-daemon/netdaemon. Make you have remote development extensions installed. Open the NetDaemon folder. Run the Reopen in container task. When VSCode is finished you are now ready to code.


The debugging can be pointed to the exampleappsfolder.

Setup the configuration#

Setup the environment vars#

Easiest is to setup environment varables for your Home Assistant instance in the host. The HOMEASSISTANT__HOST, HOMEASSISTANT__TOKEN is required to debug. You may have to restart VSCode after setting the environment vars.

Environment variableDescription
HOMEASSISTANT__TOKENToken secret to access the HA instance
HOMEASSISTANT__HOSTThe ip or hostname of HA
HOMEASSISTANT__PORTThe port of home assistant (defaults to 8123 if not specified)
NETDAEMON__GENERATEENTITIESGenerate entities, recommed set false unless debugging
NETDAEMON__APPSOURCEThe folder/project/dll where it will find daemon. Set this to empty "" to debug apps local. If needed to debug the dynamic source compilation, set to /workspaces/netdaemon/Service/apps

Use src/Service/apps as starting point to debug your stuff!